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As our modern-day cultures grow intensely diverse, the standard methods of delivering a creative message to such a culturally integrated audience, no longer applies and are no longer effective.

We know, because we are a full service Marketing / Advertising / Promotions Agency, originating in 1994 and have seen the face of America change. In fact, because we serve many corporate clients throughout many major markets, we have experienced first hand how messages are effectively delivered to target audiences.

Whether it's creating a multilingual campaign for the SF 49ers and Oakland Raiders of the NFL or a National Water Safety program for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we have designed and executed original programs that have successfully delivered the proper message to the target market.

Due to our experience with producing and managing major promotional events, conferences and campaigns, we have mastered the art of "cross promoting" which gives our clients an incredible leverage and access. In turn, this utilizes their budgets more effectively.

Each member of our team brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our staff has many years of experience that include unconventional concept creation, advertising, media buying, communication through graphic design, events / conference coordination as well as commercial production.
  • Create and deliver a clear and enthusiastic message of future projects.
  • Utilize unconventional (out of the box) methods in our approach in order to reach our
    target audience.
  • Deliver a proper message and bring awareness to a multi-cultural audience.
  • Bring a high profile "cross promotional" vehicle to this project that will elevate awareness by incorporating other entities and clients that create additional exposure.
  • Execute the project on time and within budget.
Our culturally diverse staff is also the foundation of our success. They live and communicate in a similar way to the markets our clients are trying to reach.

Joel Morales - President / CEO
Joel Morales brings over 25 years of advertising, marketing, corporate sales, consumer product brokerage, manufacturing and consulting experience. His corporate background as a Marketing Executive has given him the experience and exposure to many national clients.

As founder of the agency, he specializes in creating and developing strategic programs for corporate clients who need to communicate to a multilingual and multicultural audience. Some of his credits include producing successful, original campaigns and projects for such clients as Longs Drug Stores, Best Foods/Unilever, Gottschalk's, FoodMaxx Stores, Lipton Brands, the NFL Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers, MLB Oakland Athletics and a list of other clientele.

Mr. Morales is also the Executive Director of Team Cinco's Spanish Radio Broadcast Network which airs NFL and MLB programming. As lead creative person for the agency, his accomplishments include over forty local, regional and national awards including the 2000 Central Valley Hispanic Business and service award of the year.
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Melody Cortez Morales - CFO / Project Coordinator
Melody Cortez Morales brings 23 years of experience in the area of logistical planning. When a new project is conceived, she is able to develop an organizational blueprint with an implementation timeline and strategy. CMS is known for its original multilingual/multicultural program development and flawless execution.

Ms. Morales' extended duties with CMS are Technology Integration – personally planning, installing, trouble shooting, and upgrading most of the maintenance of the office computers and equipment. She also handles the staff software training. Ms. Morales supervises staff including writing policies and manuals, writes program proposals for sponsorships, develops and administers program budgets, oversees hiring of outreach event contract labor and negotiates contracts for some of the company's larger clients.

Ms. Morales is also President of the Board for the Cultural Marketing Center, a (501 (c) (3) non-profit, dedicated to assisting other organizations market and implement their programs. She is in charge of the administration of grants.
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Claudia Encinas - Art Director
Claudia Encinas brings the concepts of the creative team to life. She has a working understanding of the complexity of human emotion and how to effectively relay a visual statement. Ms. Encinas, throughout the years in her field, has developed a working understanding of the complexity of human emotion and how to effectively use visuals "to tell a thousand words."

Ms. Encinas has created many award winning projects which include "Celebre El Sabor De Nuestra Cocina Hispana" a book of healthy recipes for Food Maxx, Water Safety posters, brochures and cards for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Event Program books for Barrios Unidos, Patient Information brochures for Selma Community Hospital, collateral pieces for the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Athletics, San Francisco 49ers, Child Runaway Hotline card for the Sanctuary and many informational brochures and collateral pieces for the Nuestros Niños program of Valley Children's Hospital.
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Rosalva Moreno - Production / Media Director
Rosalva Moreno's background includes creative directing and promotional events management. Rosie is able to use her knowledge and understanding of many cultures to effectively create campaigns to promote general market companies and their products to the Spanish speaking consumer.

Ms. Moreno is in charge of the production and electronic broadcast of the clients' commercials and PSA's. She works with the client and creative staff of CMS to develop the concept of the project and identify the target market. Once the groundwork is set, Ms. Moreno oversees all media schedules, production and broadcast airing. Ms. Moreno is currently involved in overseeing the entire Oakland A's & Oakland Raiders Spanish Radio Broadcasting Network programming.
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Veronica Murrieta - Marketing Assistant
Veronica Murrieta has a background providing public and information services to the Latino community. She is culturally in tune to the people, the beliefs and traditions, acknowledging that the information gap is still quite large.

Ms. Murrieta is responsible for the logistical coordination between our client affiliated NFL / MLB / NASCAR teams, our sponsor clients and our Road Show staff, making sure that we have the proper product, informational pieces, premiums, media spots and videos to effectively promote all entities. She is also a Certified Notary Public specializing in Real Estate Document Signing.
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Ramiro Gonzalez - Road Show Crew Chief
Ramiro W. Gonzales, was previously a vocational education instructor where he created the Spanish/Bilingual, state approved curriculum and materials used to train disabled people in a new trade. Mr. Gonzales, a certified electrician, has a versatile background in staff management, retail, warehouse / shipping management, all phases of construction and manufacturing.

He is a key part of the logistical planning staff and handles the mapping / routing of the Road Show. Mr. Gonzales is responsible for the management of the Road Show and its staff as well as the maintenance of the Road Show Truck, staff bus and all equipment.
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